Meet Shani Pride, the founder of The Hollywood Inside Edge.



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Shani Pride, Founder of H.I.E.

Shani Pride, Founder of H.I.E.

Shani Pride was born and raised in Los Angeles. She found her calling at a young age, and chose to attend the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.  After LACHSA, she attended UCLA Theater School, studied and performed abroad in Italy, and began performing in film and television.

Pride’s love for her craft has been realized across every platform.  She has starred in a substantial amount of television shows including American Horror Story, Weeds, The Finder, and CSI:Miami; has garnered critical acclaim for her work in award winning independent films, sharing the screen with actors like Jane Lynch, and has starred in studio film projects, collaborating with studios like Warner Bros.  In addition, Pride has starred in dozens of global commercial campaigns, including AT&T, Mc Donalds, Best Buy, and IBM.


With several producing projects currently on her plate, Pride is now expanding on both sides of the camera.  From feature films to television series, she is driven to create content that makes an impact.


While acting and producing are her passion, philanthropy is her purpose.  A passion for empowering others world-wide inspired her company The Hollywood Inside Edge. Pride truly loves helping others pursue their passion and purpose in life, and is also deeply dedicated to donating to charities that educate, empower, and inspire youth through arts-education programs globally.