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charityGiving back is what The Hollywood Inside Edge founder, Shani Pride, is most passionate about. Not only is the The Hollywood Inside Edge dedicated to helping aspiring actors pursue their passion and purpose in life, we are also dedicated to helping youth in under-served communities hone and nurture their artistic passion and purpose.

THE HOLLYWOOD INSIDE EDGE DONATES A PORTION OF ALL PROCEEDS FROM EVERY SINGLE WORKSHOP & PROGRAM. OUR MISSION IS TO HELP UNDER-SERVED YOUTH IN CITIES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. The donations go to charitable organizations that inspire, encourage, educate, and empower youth through the arts. Shani’s goal is to make a transformative impact by empowering youth in cities worldwide. Empowering youth today equals a better tomorrow!

Participants of each program have the opportunity to suggest the name of their favorite arts-driven charity. Every suggested charity will be considered.

Your participation with The Hollywood Inside Edge will help inspire, uplift, and empower youth who are less fortunate.

TOGETHER we can make a difference! THE ARTS is our VESSEL FOR CHANGE!

I discovered a love for the arts at a young age. Acting gives me a passion in life, a dream to wake up to every day, and ultimately a purpose. It is my passion and purpose that pulls me through difficult times, upsets, and setbacks. It brings me so much joy to help others nurture their dream. My dream is that the youth throughout the world have something to live for, have a passion and purpose, and have a driving force that can help them navigate through life. For this reason, I founded The Hollywood Inside Edge.
‘People and the power of the arts are tremendous vessels to help change the world’
-Shani Pride